A Random Update

Random Update

       So, I figured I would write a little Random update, why? well simply because I have been a tad busy the past few weeks and even though I have plenty of things to post and so many projects I need to upload, life has kept me busy these past few weeks.

       Oh life has been so full of Randomness and amazing things, well not really, Randomness for sure, but basically life has just been, well life.

       The weather has been hot as hell most days, on the hottest day so far the AC broke, so yeah that was joyous and an amazing day, well the part that I was home was. Work has decent AC, so it was cool and seeing as I have been working a lot it was ok.

Project - Cleo Neck Piece

Cleo Copper Neck Piece

One of the many Random things that I like to do is make Jewelry and accessories, and some that I particularly like to make are made using recycled materials. In this post I am going to attempt to show you, how I created a piece that I call Cleo.

Will change for a better Thumbnail at some point.

     I collect scrap of all types, for the most part it is simply an extra source of income when I get enough to weigh in at the local yard. However, I often find myself using the good scrap (that scrap that would get a better price, such as copper) for other projects such as making jewelry or other random things.

Some Mods Not Yet Available For Consoles and Some Reasons Why (Plus Random Rambling)

Mods are available for Xbox one and soon to be available for PS4, we know this, and there are some really good mods available for console users. 

However many of the mods that are available for the PC are not being released on console for a few different reasons. The first reason is a stupid one, The PC Master Race, this is the name given to many PC users. The reason why they have been given this name is due to the whole PC verses Console issues, rather many PC users think that because they invested in building expensive PCs to play games, and because they play around with codes and make mods, they are better than console users. This is an actual thing, there are PC users who hate console users, you have the Xbox verses PS, who is better or rather what system is better disagreements but you also have the PC is far better than any console issues and disagreements.

Jealous of Xbox mods - Need Some Candy

So, it has been six days now since Bethesda launched mod availability for Xbox one, yup six long days and yes I am damn jealous. 

     I am a PS4 user, have been one since the PS1, that is not going to change, and yes, I know that mods will be coming to PS4 this month, so I am patiently waiting for them.

     I go on the Bethesda.net site, account is ready, Fallout new play through is ready for mods, I am ready, I go view them, read about them, have in my mind a list of mods that I will be adding for sure.

     I watch as Xbox users make movies of mods, and I sit here listening to mods being played a few rooms away from me, uhu, Xbox user in the house.

Mods now on Xbox one - Yup it is a mess

     So mods are now available for Fallout 4 on Xbox one, and well the Amateur mod users are frantic and hammering at them hard. By Amateur mod users before you get all pissy, understand this. Most of the users on Xbox one have no clue about how to use mods, how they are created or are remotely aware of potential issues with mods. They presume that once its there, done, complete and perfect but wait what is this, you cant run omg zdjlegfkjdghfkjldhflkdhflkdfh stupid Moders, stupid ass fix your crap. 

     So lets just rewind for a moment, here is an issue that bethesda.net for Xbox one has, why the hell did you click MAX gold stars and comment, best mod ever, when you have installed it ten minutes ago, have barely played it and have no real idea if the mod works or not. You go to the site, go on and see for yourself. Every single mod has full gold stars, oh so that now means you can not rely on the star rating at all. They all jumped in and unlike Pc mod users who have experience, they clicked great amazing on mods that are broken or simply do not work. Then an hour later the whining starts as they realize that mod they loved sooooo much well it is broke. 

Project Crucible - Making a Crucible for the Aluminium Smelter

Small Propane Tank Crucible (No Weld)

     So I had made a decent propane tank based, coal fired smelter for melting aluminium, for pouring into ingots and casts.

     You can view the making of the Smelter here Propane Tank Aluminium Smelter (No Weld) and I also made some tools to with it that you can view here Tools For Smelter (No Weld).

     Now all I needed was a crucible, so that I could begin to melt down all of the lovely aluminium that I had been hoarding.

Comments Policy

So I have completed the Comments Policy for this blog, this is a post to let everyone know, to link it and to help cover my ass and cover Nph-Random.blogspot.com. 

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Mods Coming For Xbox One and PlayStation 4

So, as a gamer (PS4) I am looking forward to the ability to use mods on games like Fallout 4 on the console. I have used many mods via PC versions of games and they have made Games so much better. 

     Fallout 4 mods will be available to use on Xbox one as of May 31st according to Bethesda as they said mods would be available to Xbox one in may and that is the last day. 

     The Beta for Xbox one started already and many people received the email to participate, so as you read this it is happening.

     Below is a link to Bethesda's tweet concerning this and some great information for Xbox One users,

If You See a Mistake or Missspelling

     At times, most of which are Random times when I am tired, in a rush or even for no real reason. I make mistakes, yup, I am human, though I do try hard to not make the mistakes in the first place, proof read and change things, but alas some still slip through the cracks.

     One issue I have is that for some bizarre reason and ever since I purchased this laptop, whenever I use the caps lock it will more than likely do this Wweird uhu it capitalizes the letter that is good but then it will also add the smaller letter. No I am not pressing twice it just Randomly seems to do it. I think possibly the little people inside my laptop don't really like me and like messing with me when I type.

Terms Of Service

So I have completed the Terms of Service for this blog, this is a post to let everyone know, to link it and to help cover my ass and cover Nph-Random.blogspot.com. 

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