Chain Reaction (Being Nice and Getting Candy)

     So my last two posts were rants, me venting about pathetic people and The Irresponsible cat owners. So I figured I would go ahead and quickly write something on the opposite scale of things to balance it all up a little. After all no one wants to read a blog that is just full of negativity, rants and bitching, do they?

     There are times in life when you see people do things that you think about and times when things happen around you that just make a day go a little better.

     Today was one of those days and one of those times and something happened today that showed me as life does on occasion that not everyone in the world is complete idiot or out for themselves. I am going to call it the good day chain reaction or something like that.

     It all started off simple as these things seem to do.

     I was at work and it had been a slow day, a few customers but nothing real major and things were done, so I decided to go have a smoke break. It was a nice sunny day as I sat there inhaling harmful toxins and reading some pointless crap on Facebook.

     I noticed a car pull up not far from me and an elderly man got out, we have a ton of elderly men visit the store for tools and such, so this wasn’t much different from most days. He went slowly to the back of his car and lowered the rear tale and was using a winch mechanism to get his powered wheel chair out from the back. I considered helping him but took too long thinking if I should or not and he already had it hooked up. But it was slow, like real slow as it gradually became tight and would have taken ages to get it down from the back of the vehicle.

     A big guy came from the other cars, walked up said hello need a hand and with one action picked up the entire motorized wheel chair and sat it down on the ground. The old man was a little surprised as was I, damn it looked heavy but hey the guy looked like he worked out and could handle it. Me I would have struggled for sure but ok it was done. The guy then carried on walking and went into the store as the old man thanked him and went off into the store.

     So I finished my smoke and had inhaled enough toxins for the time being so off I went back to work, oh that was just so great. As I was walking around harassing customers with the old hello are you finding everything ok or do you need help routine. I noticed the big guy heading towards the check out and seeing as I had to drop off a clipboard there I also headed over. As he was checking out Ii thought, oh he hasn’t got a twenty percent off coupon, so I handed one to the cashier, no big deal, and I mentioned how he helped the old man who was a regular customer.

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     Now the guy saved something like thirty dollars on his total which in turn he used to get a membership at the store that would end up saving him a ton over the year. He also got a free gift that was also on the coupon, a small flashlight, nothing special. So the cashier got the bonus of sign up as I wasn’t concerned about it even if she did offer it to me and the guy gave a woman who was checking out at the same time the flashlight.

     So the reaction chain had split as the cashier was happy and now so was the woman that she had been given a free flashlight. Minor I know but it goes on as the woman then gave another customer change so they didn’t need to break a twenty. The cashier gave me candy so that made me happier as I had candy and candy always helps make me happy. So I went off again to help people and enjoy my candy and then seeing as it was slow I figured why not inhale more toxins as I went for another smoke. When I went outside the man who the lady had given change to, was helping a lady from a different store carry her bags to her car. The old man who the big guy had helped was praising him to an old couple as they chatted about how some people are good and other things. I sat there amused thinking ok so that was nice that people decided to help each other out. Now the chain didn’t actually break it split yet again, as the lady thanked the man for helping her with her bags and came to the store I work at to get some things. While there she decided seeing as was in a good mood to buy her husband a tool he wanted and the extended service plan, this again helped a different cashier out in the long-term and made his day a little better.

     The old couple came in together and I helped them find what they needed and we talked about the big guy and how some people were nice enough to help out others. So the cashier who was happy to get a tiny extra bonus gave some candy (yes there is candy) to a kid waiting in the que and I know he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t happy. So the kid was happy and the parents were happy and it was all going well.

     Then the elderly couple were checking out so I carried there tools to the car for them as we chatted (I basically wanted an excuse to go outside again) and they thanked me but hey it was my job. Then I went back inside and because I had been nice enough to help them I was rewarded with more candy from the cashiers which made me happier.

     So even though it wasn’t a big deal or something amazing it goes to who that being nice and helping people out just a little will make everyone’s day a little better.

     I also figured out that candy is a good motivator and how to get more.

     So do something today, say a word or two, do a minor thing for someone else, you never know you may also get some candy.

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mmm candy.

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