Fallout 4 - DiMAs Memory Puzzle (Far Harbor DLC)

     As part of the main quest line in the DLC Far Harbor for Fallout 4, the player ends up in a simulation where the goal is to crack open DiMAs memory’s to retrieve vital information. This is a mini game, which is relatively easy to do but long and frustrating the first time you do it. 

     The reward for completing all five sections of the mini game is a full set of Marine Combat Armor. So far this Armor is the best looking in my opinion and also adds great stats to the character. However the pieces are slightly less protection than say the vault suite that can be replaced with the wet suite piece. Looks better but losses a little protection even after being upgraded compared to the upgraded vault suite. However at this point in the game for most people the slight loss of protection won’t make that much of a difference and it looks great on the character.

Marine Armor Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor
Looks good and well worth doing the final memory puzzle.

The mission mini quests to unlock DiMAs memory’s actually as part of the main quest enables you to finish the game by making choices based on what you find out. The armor is a nice bonus for completing the memory’s, although you can skip the last one and still continue in the game it is advised to finish them all so you get the Marine Armor.

     Now I am not going to go on a long detailed explanation of how to do each puzzle, I have added the links to YouTube videos that I have made showing how to do each one here on this page at the bottom above the NphRandom Tag. I have also included a link to a movie showing where to collect them from. I recorded each one as I did them for the first time so they are longer than if Ii was to purposely start new and go straight to exactly how it was done. If you want short and direct movies then google and you will find people have already made direct route versions, if not and you don’t mind watching a few mistakes then watch them.

     The basic principle for them all goes like this, you come out of a blue data stream and start of in a puzzle simulation with block walk ways and platforms that are fractured and not complete. You have what look like baby Mirlurks and they glow green, the goal is to get these things to enter the yellow data stream and then return to the blue one carrying the data. But there are things you must do to ensure that happens and help them achieve the task of collecting data.

     You will start of in workshop mode and already have for each simulation a few white blocks, a few turrets and maybe a direction block or two. Bear in mind that there is no point in collecting these up once each section is done as they do not transfer to the next part f the puzzle and you are given what you need in each section.

     Within each puzzle part you enter via a new stream, you will find more white blocks, some are just there to take as you move around, and others are protected behind red blocking fields. There are also more direction blocks either hidden away say above a platform or behind more red blocking fields. The white blocks are the ones that you use to fill the gaps in the floor so that the little green things can progress forward, you only need to place down a single line of these as that will be enough for them. Don’t worry you can’t accidentally stomp them and kill them.

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     The direction blocks are the ones that you place so that they intercept the green beam shooting from the start point of the map and then rotate to change the directing of the beam to hit the targets. The targets are built in to the red barriers and will be at different heights and locations so you will need to do different patterns to break them.

     To start with you collect as many of the white blocks as you can, break barriers and collect more and any direction blocks you can find. Then you build and position the direction blocks with the aim to get the beam hitting the last target within the wall blocking you from the end data beam that is yellow.

     The important thing is that you also get turrets, these are to shoot down the red and black balls that will try and attack the little green things. When you come t the last red wall and as soon as you place down blocks that touch it they will be activated, so either do not place blocks down that far until have all pieces of the puzzle in place or place turrets down. In my last puzzle I placed them and then turrets and while I was still completing the puzzle they were shooting down the tacking drones.

     The range on these turrets is big so try spread them out, you will see where the balls are hovering and that is the spawn places for them. I put two at the beginning and two at the end and spread anymore out between and that seemed to work.

     The real puzzle is how to use the blocks you are given and collect to get to other sections by making steps and paths. Once you have all the pieces it is a matter of directing the green beam so that it hits the final target and breaks down the red barrier that will enable the green things to collect data.

     Like I said you only need to do four of the five puzzles to get the information you need to continue the man mission, but doing the fifth which is the hardest one will unlock the Marine Armor and well worth the extra time in doing so.

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