If You See a Mistake or Missspelling

     At times, most of which are Random times when I am tired, in a rush or even for no real reason. I make mistakes, yup, I am human, though I do try hard to not make the mistakes in the first place, proof read and change things, but alas some still slip through the cracks.

     One issue I have is that for some bizarre reason and ever since I purchased this laptop, whenever I use the caps lock it will more than likely do this Wweird uhu it capitalizes the letter that is good but then it will also add the smaller letter. No I am not pressing twice it just Randomly seems to do it. I think possibly the little people inside my laptop don't really like me and like messing with me when I type.

If anyone has an explanation as to why this actually happens I would love to know.

     Ok, so onward with this post, anyway, like I said there could be at times, things that you notice while perusing my content that are misspelled or edited wrong, the little things (hopefully the big ones have been fixed).

     Now most people don,t like grammar Nazis, they even give them that name, me I like you, yup I sure do, I like you if you bother to let me know or explain or provide a better way of say writing it down.

     This is mostly because then eventually the mistakes will be rectified and make it all look even better and also it helps me to learn and understand the problem so I can attempt to fix it all.

     So go ahead and comment or contact me when you notice a mistake, add some information so I can find it and fix it, suggest a better way of wording something if you like and be that Grammar Nazi all you want.

     Now I am not going to pay someone to proof read my stuff, I would rather just leave it as it is if that should be the case. But if you are there reading and thinking aaaaaaaaa error warning warning that is wrong, then you could always add a comment or send a message to me, it would help.

Fact Rrandom

     Please remember that I am not a professional writer, I have no formal writing training or big certificates and letters behind my name, I am just me a simple person, who has a decent amount of education but also makes mistakes. Also remember that I am English and I live in America, although I try to use Americanized words when I need to, Ii do at times slip up and at times use words that are actually that way in English just not American English. But I will change something or make an addition if necessary.

So yea, help me out a little by letting me know about these annoying little mistakes and errors all you like.

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Thank you for reading this Random post and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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