Irresponsible Cat Owners

     So I was pulling away from my Home early one morning as I was leaving to go to work, and there it was just as usual roaming around outside. I am referring to a black cat, a stray, a wild cat, a pest and one part of a big problem. As I drove to work I was thinking about the whole cat thing and decided that when I had finished work I would write about it.

     I am a Dog person, I am allergic to most cats but there have been a few that I have met that seem ok and friends have some that I don’t mind. My issue isn’t really with cats on the whole it is with the owners of cats, yes sure there are some responsible cat owners out there, you keep them in the house, get them neutered and give them shots. The rest of the cat owners and chances are you are one of them are irresponsible as hell. Oh so that annoys you being called irresponsible well here let me explain this to you.

     As a dog owner, my dog has yearly shots all of them and every three years gets a rabies shot, cut so he isn’t able to get any other dog pregnant and when I put him outside I put him on a very secure tie out. When I take him out, I use a lead, he always wears a collar with contact info and tags and is micro-chipped. Also he is lifetime registered as it is the law in this state to have registration every year. I pick up his feces when we go for a walk and clean the yard regularly to ensure there is no feces laying around. At all times (bar the times he is in the trash or sneaking to steal some food off the table) I know where he is and what he is doing. That is part of being a responsible pet owner, you know, taking care of my pet and ensuring I am doing all that I can to avoid problems from occurring.

     However for the cat owners the reality is, they mostly don’t ever put a collar on a cat, they don’t have tags or yearly vaccinations, and they don’t pay for neutering or get it done even when it is free. They open a door or a window and allow the cat to just go do whatever it does and don’t care what that might be. There cat walks around spraying everything anywhere when in heat or impregnating other cats as much as possible. If there cat doesn’t come back what do they do, they go get another. The whole well it’s a cat that’s what cats do thinking makes them irresponsible. Let me explain some more by giving you some information and an example.

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     Mrs. A was a neighbor of mine a while back, she got this black cat, all cute and young and aww so lovely. She didn’t give him vaccinations, no neutering, no collar and apart from buying cat food to feed him she paid nothing at all to maintain him. She would open the door and let it out then later in the evening it would come scratching back when wanted food. This is typical of cat owners who don’t have house cats and like many of them she was in the mind of oh the cats out doing cat things. So after a few months the cat had decided it would come home less and less, instead it would rip bags of trash and feed from that, people would feed it and due to it impregnating every other female cat in the area it went feral, wild, undomesticated. Now what did she do, she went and got another grey cat, aww how cute, how small how lovely. Now this black cat roamed around the area doing whatever it wanted, leaving torn bags, dead birds and a ton of kittens in its wake. She would say oh I saw him yesterday he was sunning himself on the road not far away, but its ok she has a new cat now and the black one takes care of himself.

     Now this all became a problem, oh but how can one small cat be a problem you may naively say, well how about this, one cat, two cat oh three cats and more. All the cat owners who are just like here and think like her now caused an issue. There were so many cats and kittens roaming around, not to mention dead litters being found under people’s decks that the humane society decided to do a big cat catch. They set out traps to catch them and after a long weekend they had caught more than fifteen cats and kittens, they posted a sign about how to claim your cat and you know what, not one was claimed. None of the loving cat owners cared that there cats had been caught, no they just went on Facebook asking for a cat or kitten again. So this cycle continued and caused more issues, this time with the drinking water in the area. There are a few wells in this area some are shared and people started complaining about contamination. Even those loving cat owners, so the EPA tested the water and found that the main contamination was coming from feces and urine along with the product of decomposing cat bodies. They established that due to the excessive amount of roaming cats, wild, feral and also the dead ones that would pop up here and there, the water wasn’t safe to drink. It was amusing to hear one of these loving cat owners on cat number four comment that the EPA didn’t know what they were talking about, how there is not a cat problem in the area. Funny how she didn’t mention that two of her previous cats were caught and she didn’t do anything about it except get another. Didn’t mention that after a week of a bad smell a neighbor found her third cat dead rotting in her back yard and she didn’t even care at all except for concern that the kids had been playing out there.

     So they set out traps again and caught more, people who didn’t have cats were catching them and handing them over and you know what these loving caring cat owners did, nothing, they went on Facebook for more. 

     So this black cat, I remember playing with him when he was a baby at my neighbors despite making me sneeze and I see him nearly every day roaming around, he comes on the deck where a female has sprayed recently and somehow avoids being caught as he is crafty. Mrs. A has since moved, but being a concerned and responsible cat owner like many claim to, be she did the right thing, surely she took the cat with her. Nope she let the grey cat out and then moved away, it was younger and was caught one day, but not before it had a litter of its own or two. But it is ok she went on Facebook when she was established at her new location and has got a brown cat now.

     Now people or rather you cat owners will argue that cats are animals, wild at heart they should be allowed to be free and roam around. You will say I am a responsible cat owner and yes there are a few of you who are real responsible cat owners. But like I said the majority of you aren’t at all, if you think you are and get all annoyed at me saying you aren’t then answer these questions.

  • Is your cat neutered?
  • Do you give your cat vaccinations and injections?
  • Does your cat wear a collar?
  • Does your cat have id tags and possibly micro chipping?
  • Do you clean up the waste from your cat not just a litter box?
  • Do you know where your cat is at this very moment or all the time?
  • Do you actually care if your cat is missing and hasn’t been seen for hours let alone a few days?
  • If you hadn’t seen your cat for a few days and see it on the road will you go get it?

     Now if you answered yes to all those, then way to go, looks like you actually are a responsible cat owner, if not then guess what you are irresponsible.

     My dog is carnal and primal as its base, comes from wolves, should be allowed to roam free and be wild but here is the thing. He is domesticated, he is a pet, he is family and he is my responsibility. That’s something I accepted as a responsible pet owner from the moment I picked him up and he was mine. Sure there are irresponsible dog owners out there and you see them in the news, but you never see the cat owners in the news, funny that isn’t it.

     If someone lets there dog die in the back yard oh my god shock horror let’s all go on Facebook and scream murder, but yet your cat dies and you have no idea what happened or even care but that’s ok you are a good person and love cats.

     A dog bites a child, oh no lets go crazy, let’s take the owner to court let’s all get on Facebook and scream how irresponsible they were and how the dog is evil. Yet your cat scratched a child and gave it an infection because it is now wild and been into all kinds of trash and god knows what but that’s ok you love cats.

     Someone steps in dog crap on the grass, oh my god that’s disgusting, children play in that area, let’s all get angry, go on Facebook and be proper parents and say how disgusted we are at the dog crap being there and bad dog owners not clearing it up. Yet your cat craps and pees wherever it wants and the kids play around it but its ok because you love cats.

Fact Random

     So you can see where this is going, double standards, no one ever posts on Facebook bitching about the cats and the irresponsible cat owners. No one complains that much that a wild cat is roaming around and when someone does and something is done about it. Oh no though, all you so called responsible cat owners get on Facebook demanding blood yet you strangely never claim your cats or even mention that one of the caught or missing cats is yours.

     Fun fact, if people see a dog roaming they go on Facebook all screaming to help, post crazy and are hero’s for helping the poor doggy, aww look at all those good people on those nearly daily dog posts about dog found, dog sighted. How comes no one ever posts about the cats??

     It seems to me that cats are disposable creatures, everyone claims they love them, they look after them, but reality is as I have said, sure some cat owners are responsible and do well looking after their cats. While the majority of cat owners shouldn’t have a cat at all and I shudder to think what they would do with any pet they actually have to be responsible for.

     So go ahead rant, be insulted and post all you want about how you are responsible pet owners and cat lovers. Truth is only those of you who can say yes (honestly yes, not just some fake bs because you want to be all Facebook happy and popular) to all of those questions can claim to be responsible cat owners. The rest are just people who got a cat at some point and spent the first few days if even that taking care of it.

     One last thing to think about, if I was to let my dog out to roam around, go wild, not feed it, let it do whatever, no tags, no vaccines, nothing at all. Wouldn’t I be irresponsible and wouldn’t that be called animal cruelty, neglect and a bad thing?

      So the next time you decide to replace your cat, or if you have never had one but are thinking about it, consider what it really means to be a responsible pet owner, and don’t worry I am sure I will write and post about dog owners and dog related issues at some point too.

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