Mods Coming For Xbox One and PlayStation 4

So, as a gamer (PS4) I am looking forward to the ability to use mods on games like Fallout 4 on the console. I have used many mods via PC versions of games and they have made Games so much better. 

     Fallout 4 mods will be available to use on Xbox one as of May 31st according to Bethesda as they said mods would be available to Xbox one in may and that is the last day. 

     The Beta for Xbox one started already and many people received the email to participate, so as you read this it is happening.

     Below is a link to Bethesda's tweet concerning this and some great information for Xbox One users,

Now as for PS4 they said that June was the expected time for Mods to be available, however as of yet there is no news as to if that is accurate or if there will be a Beta for mods on PS4. We can but wait, hope and see that it all comes true.

You can go to now and make an account to be ready and to view the types of mods that so far are being transferred onto the download feature that will link to the in game add mod features. The link below will take you there and it is well worth signing up and taking a detailed look at what is happening so far.

At the moment it looks like the mods available are just for Fallout 4 and the most content are those for PC, followed by Xbox One and then very few in PS4. But do not worry, you can bet that all the ones available for Xbox one will make it over to the PS4 section.Obviously it is a priority for Moders to make sure they are ready for Xbox one as soon as it is all ready and ruining, then work on adding them for PS4.

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After a browse, I noticed quite a few mods that as soon as they are available I will be using and reviewing, and yes there are some that seem pointless and will not make my own personal cut.

The one thing you will not find for sure is nudity and anything Adult related as in mods like ones that you can find on PC mod sites, that include such things as prostitution mods and sex mods. Bethesda is being very strict on what mods will be allowed to be used via there in game access on consoles.

But this is a good thing as it will ensure that mods that are corrupt, unfinished, adult in nature, contain bad code or are designed to mess with you will be eliminated.

Also the whole easy to use feature will be great for everyone, you select the mod and add it just like a DLC and boom on you go playing with that mod installed.

Those of us who used PC versions or still do, know just how much of a pain at times it is to make files, extract things or download programs and then find incompatible issues or bugs that crash everything or corrupt it all. Basically this will be less hassle and far less work.

Now it will never be as good as on PC, that much is obvious, as the power of a console is limited whereas the PC can be upgraded and enhanced. A few mods other than adult ones will not make it because of the required power they need. Some of the PC versions that change so much and enhance graphics to life like will not make it as they would run and require power that a console cant give.

But that means hope in the future that new version of consoles are made that can handle the needs of mods and indeed the users, super consoles.

Now if you are one of those people who say well I am never using mods they ruin games, think about this, if you have any or all of the official DLC from Bethesda such as Far Harbor. Well that is a mod and they all are. Mods are additional programs that modify the original content and if you take a look through the mods you will find ones that expand the workshop, other lands and followers you can build or meet.

The great thing about mods is endless game play or variations of game play and also the ability to add a mod that does cheat as in hey I now have a box filled with all i need to build huge settlements without needing to spend my entire life finding it all. 

It is up to individuals as to what mods they want to use and how they want to play it. It is after all your game play and you can do whatever you want and use whatever is available.

So I say a big yay for mod availability of all consoles, has been a long wait but it can only get better for sure.

So be patient, and get ready for some great mods and additions to your game and in future games.

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