One Example of Why People are Pathetic

     So I am still working on doing this blog, along with other profiles and projects, but this is all done in-between life and work so it takes some time. Today will be a bit of a struggle due to aching all over real bad from work.

Yup, it is time to vent Randomly.

     Sometimes people disgust me, I am disappointed in humanity and I shake my head thinking what is wrong with you people and why I think many people are just pathetic. 

     Now to start I want to say that there are so many people out there who actually want to work, they want and need jobs, when they get the opportunity to work they do so. There are people who even a part time job would help them and any paid work is something that they want.

     Then there are people who I do not understand why they don’t want work, those who don’t really want to work as they want to sit on welfare and allow themselves and easy life of having things done and paid for by others.

     I currently work at a Retail store, mainly warehouse but also on registers and helping customers, nothing exciting, and nothing grand and amazing. A job that helps pay bills and ensures that I am not a burden on society or to my family. Ii have worked all my life in some job or another and do things that I don’t like to do because that’s what you do when you have responsibility’s and bills to pay. I work hard, this isn’t just me bragging it’s the honest truth, whatever job I am doing I do it well and do more than the bare minimum as it sometimes helps me progress to a better position although sometimes it is taken advantage of and I end up doing other people’s work.

     So I went to work last night, it was a night shift unloading a truck and putting things out on the store and organizing the warehouse. This is how it went and explains why I ache even more than usual and why people just disappoint me big time.

     I arrived a little early to begin preparation for the job ahead, I was then informed by my boss that Mr A had called off and wasn’t coming in to work. This didn’t surprise me as I was expecting Mr A to either do his usual of coming to work and then half way through the shift come up with some reason to leave early or like he did call off. Now Mr A is one of those who started off with the whole eager to work thing going on, saying he wanted the hours and making out he was competent. That lasted one shift, then it was things like, oh no I have to leave my wife has a problem, oh no I hurt myself hours ago even though I didn’t mention it and I wasn’t doing anything that could hurt me so I have to leave, oh no even though I have seemed fine all night and not mentioned anything and have taken way more smoke breaks than I am entitled to I now feel sick so have to leave early. 

Fact Random

Now I am not stupid and have been working around people long enough combined with things Mr A has mentioned to know that he doesn’t really want to work, What he wants is a few extra dollars, but also keep getting his food stamps and welfare and also was forced to do some type of work to please his wife. So Mr A comes in when he does actually come in but has to leave every time due to some reason that pops up. He is one of those said he wants to work hard but does things like, hey this box is broken I will dump it here for someone else to fix and when asked to fix says why do I have to do it. You know the type who wants everyone else to d there job for them takes the easy jobs and yet can’t even do them. So yea Mr A this time calls of yet again No Big deal it’s sad to say it wouldn’t make a difference really.

     So half hour goes past and then I am informed that Mr B has called off, oh what a surprise, Mr B is another who said he wants to work and made out he needed the money, at least he was upfront in saying he is only working because his girlfriend is making him and also he gets the benefits of welfare and doesn’t like to work. But he comes to work now and then when scheduled and at least tries to do his job. But he is limited to what he can do because after he started the job he made it aware that he has problems with his legs, he aches so can’t do much work and that he doesn’t really want to work. So once again he calls of this time he is sick again and it’s a matter of oh well reality is someone else also does his job most of the time anyway so it won’t matter that much.

     Then ten minutes later I am informed that hey one guy Mr C won’t be coming in even though scheduled because he informed someone he works with that he won’t be working truck nights because he has another job and only wants to work a few hours extra with us doing easy jobs at weekends. Didn’t inform management or let anyone else know but hey he has another job good for him could have been a bit more considerate but oh well. Funny thing about Mr C is that he was one of those walks around with hands in pockets and would wait for you to tell him what to do and then reluctantly do it people. The ones who whenever you turn around he would be in the break room eating, on his cell on Facebook or siting in the dark corner waiting for the hours to pass and surprise, couldn’t work many hours because he would lose food stamps. I once asked him why he didn’t work more hours and he moaned about how he would if they offered, then said about how he doesn’t want to lose food stamps that’s why he doesn’t answer the phone when called in and explains why it is he would work a night or a few hours and have call offs or no shows for the rest. But oh well he now works somewhere else at least for now anyway.

     Then the next boss comes in and informs me that Mr D texted saying he had been attacked by a dog and wasn’t able to call in to call off but wouldn’t be coming to work. Now Mr D is actually a very young man, likes to hang with friends, has no bills as lives with parents and is also one who moans about not getting enough hours but never wants to work more than a few and calls off all of the time with some amazing excuses or just simply doesn’t show. When he does show up sure he does actually work so long as you keep on him all the time but hey he didn’t come in and that was that.

     So yea the night was going great as myself and two managers were the only ones working unloading a huge truck and getting it all out on the store floor, But it would be ok as soon as three more people started there shift.

     An hour past arrival time for Mr E and Mr F my boss tried to call them and no answers, no call in nothing at all. Now Mr E Had worked four hours a few nights before, came in with the whole I can do this on my own, it’s easy I am the shit attitude. At end of four hours looked so drained and during the four hours had made us all aware that hey surprise, surprise he likes welfare and food stamps and didn’t really want to work but was being forced to by his wife, (what is with these people needing to be forced to work by their other half’s??). It was no real surprise that he didn’t even bother to call in as it was clear in those hours that he didn’t want to work physically to get his wage, he made a comment like I thought I would be putting things on a shelf that’s it. Welcome to retail and oh no though I am sorry that you have to actually help us take off the boxes and packages and take them to the store not just stand there for a few hours. So anyway no Mr E but as for Mr F well he is a young kid, rumors say he has illegal dealings on the side and also collects welfare and although he was eager his first day and wanting a ton of hours, he never showed up or would call in with amazing stories or even get his girlfriend to call in with even more amazing stories. Again he collected welfare and food stamps and when he worked the few days it was obvious that he didn’t like working and was doing it because his parents were stressing him to get a job. But hey instead of calling he just didn’t show up and more than likely will do the usual call in next day and say hey was I supposed to work last night I don’t have a schedule.

     So it was just going to be me the two bosses and new guy who was starting his first shift, god it was going to be hard as we continued doing the job. So Mr G arrives, I go to the door to find this guy who reeked of alcohol and was all glazed over and looked like he stumbled out of the bar into his car and found himself outside the store. He couldn’t remember his staff ID to punch in. Ok he is new first shift so I did it on paper, then watched him stumble to the warehouse as I mentioned to my boss the due is wasted. He seriously started his first shift at a new job drunk, after my other boss explained what he needed to do and showed him a few times he was left for a few minutes to do it. Until I looked and noticed him doing the drunk man stare, just standing there nowhere near what he was supposed to be doing looking confused. I asked him what he was doing to which his reply was I don’t know I lost my boxes. The boxes that were two isles away and in the place he was supposed to be. So I explained what he was supposed to be doing and then guided him to the boxes and then went and told my bosses this due is so wasted he has no clue. As my boss walked out to evaluate him and decide on action Mr G wandered out and stood in the middle of an isle looking like he was looking for a place to piss. My boss asked him if he was drunk and he admitted he is an alcoholic and had been drinking all day up to coming to work. Obviously this was not acceptable no matter what reasons for being an alcoholic he tried to explain to my boss to make it all better. So he was asked to leave and was fired about twenty minutes after starting. Seriously started first shift at new job wasted and expected it to all be ok.

     So there were three of us doing the job of what should have been ten people or at least those who were scheduled to come in. We managed to get the truck unloaded and most of the stuff away and cleaned up some. Sure there is some for the next shift to do but we actually did a real good job and like my boss said at the end it’s amazing how three of us did all this that usually takes a load more people. My come back was not really I just do what I always do its just surprising how little the rest do when they do actually turn up. This is true not a lie as while I work hard they stand around, hands in pockets, in staff rooms, on toilet, siting in corners, or doing that easy light box. Yet they all starred off saying they were eager to work and have jobs but all turned out to really just want easy work that doesn’t take too much form there welfare or food stamps.


So action is being taken, those who didn’t call and didn’t show no longer have a job, the guy who came in drunk was fired, those who called off have minimal scheduled hours and will be talked to when next turn up and possibly lose their jobs if don’t step up and do at least the job they were employed for and the job that was fully explained to them from the beginning.
Like I said its retail it’s not major hard, sure it’s at times physical and for me at times it gets to be like today where I can’t work due to being so damn aching and drained, yet I am not scheduled today for a reason.

     So this is why people piss me off, many just want an easy life and easy job, someone to do the work for them while they make some cash and if they cannot work and simply just collect welfare and food stamps and let their partners pay the bills. The annoying thing is like I said at the beginning of this rant there are so many people out there who actually want to work, will work hard and need that job. Yet my work well we end up with a handful of people who basically are full of shit and a waste of space.

     On a side note to just add to my amusement while writing this I was called by my boss who wanted to thank me for the job well done and amused me by mentioning that firstly Mr A who called of because was so sick last night bumped into my boss at Walmart as he was shopping and looked perfectly fine although very surprised that my boss had taken a break and went to the store across the road for a snack and that Mr F the young kid who didn’t call off or show up called the store. He apparently started off with the whole was I supposed to work but after being told off swapped to an amazing story about how he couldn’t come in as he forgot he had already said he didn’t have a schedule to begin with and became confused until the boss simply told him not to bother coming to work no more.

     So yea a great night at work, the one thing we all agreed on was that it was peaceful and we didn’t spend half the time keeping them all moving and struggling to get them to do their jobs that even though we had a huge work load made the night easier for us that did work.

     Now I am going to soak in the bath and if feel less aching I will call and get a few hours extra going in tonight to help clean up and get more by mentioning that hey I am scheduled off tomorrow when one of those who didn’t come in is scheduled so maybe just in case I should also work and get some extra hours.

     Bills need to be paid, money is a necessity and besides doing things in life is easier when you have the funds to do so.

Rant Over
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