Random First Post

So even though this Blog is still under construction and not even close to being completed, I figured I would go ahead and post something.

     Originally I had a Blog here on Blogger and it was all up, running and completed with a ton of content, but I made a mistake, an Error, I screwed up big. I decided to change my Google Plus and made a new one. Well I actually did more than that, in an effort to streamline and combine all of the sites and services that I use into a more organized and matching themed way, I deleted a great deal of content and profiles out there on the Internet. It was one of those Random things, after an evening of logging in to this and to that and realizing that names were different and things looked different. I was frustrated so, Delete, Delete and Delete. The one thing I forgot was that when I Deleted the main linked Google Plus account that was it for the blog.

     I actually wanted to keep the blog and should have transferred the Blog to the new account first but I didn’t, at the very least I should have saved information as to how it was all set up but nope forgot to do that too. I lost the advertising ability’s through AdSense and now need to do it all again, oh well just more to do.

     Now this all hasn’t been a bad thing, now I have a more efficient way of linking everything, I have better profiles and now knowing what I didn’t know a few years ago things should be better, hopefully. The next few weeks and months will consist of stabilizing my internet presence and adding a ton of content, fixing issues and ensuring that profiles and accounts are easier for me to manage and provide a better experience for the viewers. I have decided this time that I will only use certain sites, services and profiles rather than add tons together when reality is some I simply just never used. My attitude has also changed over the years, before when I started all this it was ooo I can make money, people will follow me and it was quickly done, with an aim to be out there. Now to be honest I am not that bothered about all that anymore. Sure my content will have advertising, why shouldn’t it, sure I want subscribers and to be out there. But now I am not that concerned if I make money or not, I work and have projects that bring in some cash. Anything else is simply a bonus and probably will be a very small bonus. The one constant that will not change is the Randomness, hence the reason NphRandom, and if you follow or have seen any of my content you will know just how Random I can be.

Fact Random

     I did not and still do not want to limit myself to what I create and upload to places like this Blog or, YouTube or any of the services and sites that I use. I have had conversations and done research that indicates and basically says “Hey pick one category and keep to that so you will make more money”. This may be true as it makes it so for example if I was to only do things about cute puppies then I could build up the cute puppy content and people looking for cute puppy content would be coming to me. But eh I am not that much into cute puppies other than the one snoring beside me as I type this Random post and besides I don’t want to limit what it is I do or create. Here is an example of what I mean by this and being Random, I make Gaming videos now and then along with streaming live, so I could fall in the category of Gaming. But I also make Random videos of when I am making something like an awesome smelter that melts Aluminum, I have videos of me at a job talking complete crap. 

     It is not just videos either, I have over the years amassed a huge collection of photographs of different quality’s and Genera seeing as that’s one of my things being a Photographer, I have recipes from being a Chef. I make jewelry and document it and show them off and I write Random things that I like to share. There are many more things too so you get the idea. If I was to limit myself and only share and upload one type of thing it just wouldn’t be me. So NphRandom is the way it will be, even if that loses me potential viewers, subscribers or followers due to being so Random in content.

     My Goal is no longer to put out there a wow and amazing content gathering that will entice millions and have me loved the world over. Instead I am to have in a few years a gathering of my Random content that is being shared for those who want to view it and also for my own viewing pleasure. Sure I could just keep it all within the folders on virtual storage and click them when I want but having them on a Blog, a profile or a site makes it more interesting. Also for those rainy days, bored times and just need to do something moments NphRandom provides an outlet for this. Like I have said I am starting again and it takes a load of effort and time to get things completed and ready. But once say a profile is completed and ready for the world and myself it becomes easier to use as the bulk load of hard work is done. Then it will progress to updating and adding content, freeing me up to do other things and make more content. An example of this is my Gaming Twitch account, for the most part it is completed, filled in, linked and ready. Sure there are things that in a few months I will need to change as services become available and I can adapt it even more. But for now and especially after it is completed I can use it for what I wanted, to stream me playing games and collect up some Gaming footage rather than a few second share from PS network services. I can interact with others and build up content without the need to focus of making the profile and account better as much as the initial setup involved.

     When I created my Twitch account and profile I was eager to stream and start sharing but I actually spent over a week getting the account managed and profile updated. Well it wasn’t a full week but in-between that thing called a job and real life things that always get in the way of say gaming I found that Ii spent many hours doing things to my account and profile rather than actually play a game. The same is for all of the sites and services I use. Sure there will be more that come along and all will need some management and uploading with organizing. But I know from experience that it will get easier. Another Example is Twitter NphRandom on Twitter was one of the easier things to complete. Now it is setup and linked to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and the rest, I can just click tweet within a service or when I upload to a profile and it is sent via twitter to the rest. This makes it more efficient and also takes some of the load of me while freeing up my time.

     So onward I go as I get things ready and finish of things like this blog set up, as I try to balance life, work and me time while organizing and creating all of the Randomness that makes up NphRandom here, there and other places.

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My Dog snores, it is real loud.

     Thank you for reading this Random post and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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