Terms Of Service

So I have completed the Terms of Service for this blog, this is a post to let everyone know, to link it and to help cover my ass and cover Nph-Random.blogspot.com. 

Below is the link to the Terms of Service for Nph-Random.blogspot.com/.

The Terms of Service will be available to view, via a link on the main page and also by finding this post and following the link.

    This is a required piece of information to have on the website/blog and this will help you find it.

     If after reading the Terms of Service, you require any more information or have questions about our Disclosure Policy, please feel free to contact us by email at NphRandom@gmail.com (Please do not send us spam as you will be locked and reported to Google, also anything contained within the email becomes property of NphRandom the moment it is received and it can be used any way we like).

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