Jealous of Xbox mods - Need Some Candy

So, it has been six days now since Bethesda launched mod availability for Xbox one, yup six long days and yes I am damn jealous. 

     I am a PS4 user, have been one since the PS1, that is not going to change, and yes, I know that mods will be coming to PS4 this month, so I am patiently waiting for them.

     I go on the site, account is ready, Fallout new play through is ready for mods, I am ready, I go view them, read about them, have in my mind a list of mods that I will be adding for sure.

     I watch as Xbox users make movies of mods, and I sit here listening to mods being played a few rooms away from me, uhu, Xbox user in the house.

     Now there is some good coming from having to wait, I figure that the mods released to Xbox with a ton of issues will have fixes and the Moders themselves will be more aware of issues and have fixes ready. Also seeing as I have viewed and am aware of some of the mods out there that will surely be ported over to PS4, I will as soon as possible be able to add them and start a whole new chapter of Fallout on PS4. 

     Instead of suddenly being able to use mods and downloading a ton with issues and finding myself disappointed or with a screwed up game due to some basic faults, it should be a far better experience for us PS4 users.

     Now, I have been offered the chance to play them on Xbox, a profile made just for me to have a mess around with mods, but I refuse, after all it wouldn't be on my system and on my game.

     So instead, I wait, I hope that I get the Beta, I keep myself amused in other ways, but damn it I am Jealous, uhu, its like someone is eating a big bag of candy, my favorite candy in the next room, sure they will share but I cant eat them all and cant go and get my own bag yet.

     But soon,soon I can eat as much candy as I want, mmmm, now I want some candy and Mods, 

     I read a post yesterday about a guy who sold his PS4 and everything with it to go an dget an Xbox just so he could play mods, I wont be going that far as that is just stupid. I laughed at the part where he realized that his games are all downloadable and so he has just one game for Xbox. Nope I am good, Jealous but good, me and PS are life buddy's and I will wait for the changes.

     I know that there are things that need to be done to get mods ready for PS4, it is after all a different platform, requires co operation from PS and they are working on it all. We are lucky that we will be getting mods at all, as originally it was said that mods would not be coming to PS4. If that was the case then I probably would have gone and got an Xbox, but shhh it is ok they are coming.

     Just not quick enough, ugh, so damn Jealous, stupid xbox and there compatibility, whatever, I do not care, well yea I do but WHATEVER.

     Now for you non gamer out there that will surely be, what is the big deal, it is new game features that is all, I should slap you all. Imagine that you have say a bag of candy (hmm I really like candy) and that bag is all one flavor, you buy it and sure it is a great bag of candy (also huge and last forever). But after a while that one flavor gets boring, stale, all the same, but now and then because you payed for extras, the makers drop in a different flavor, nothing amazing just a few additions. So you eat and soon, eh, same old same, the flavors gone and you want more. Then the company decided, hey, now we are going to give you every color and flavor you want, and mixes of them all, like weird flavored jelly beans. Candy that will make that bag amazing, exciting, and taste soooo good and want you to stay up late and lose sleep eating them. Now sure some of the candy will taste bad, not be to your liking and not work out, some will even disappear and no longer be available, but hey now you have opportunity and the ability to change up your candy bag.

     I need mods bad like real bad, also I think I need some candy a huge bag of it.

     Well that is what mods will do for us Gamers, they add new interest, and longer life to games such as Fallout. It is already an amazing game and with the additions of D;C content from the creators combined with access to mods from third party creators it can only get better, way better.

     Now the gap between PC users aka, the master race, has been closed a little, it will never be closed completely because the PC is far more powerful and adaptable and will always be better than a console. But it is a new era for consoles and great things can and will happen due to the ability to use mods on consoles.

     For Xbox this is happening right now, as more and more become available, sure there are so many more available to Pc, there always will be, but the Gaming world stands at a threshold for the future of all console games. For PS4 well we are at the door just siting here waiting for it to be opened, we know whats behind the door and that soon it will be opened for us but it is still locked, sooooo want to smash that door in and go crazy. 

     Instead we wait, we observe, we hope and count down the days, we are jealous for sure, but it will be ok, shhh no need to cry like a little baby, no need to annoy the Xbox user who like to tell you all about the mods while you think hmmmm if your Xbox broke right now you wouldn't have mods. Ok, ok so no need to be petty either, ugh, mods are coming, they will be here soon, just not soon enough.

     So back to browsing games we go, making lists, researching, checking our emails for Beta invites even though we have not received notification via cell alerts to new mail.

     As we hope that the rest of this month passes by quickly, even though it seems every day is getting longer and longer.

     Oh well, random rant over, I guess I will load up Falout and make some more preparations for mod release, or maybe I will take some scissors and a screwdriver, no, no, shhh, breath it is ok. Stupid Xbox.

Damn I need some candy.

Thank you for reading this Random post and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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