Mods now on Xbox one - Yup it is a mess

     So mods are now available for Fallout 4 on Xbox one, and well the Amateur mod users are frantic and hammering at them hard. By Amateur mod users before you get all pissy, understand this. Most of the users on Xbox one have no clue about how to use mods, how they are created or are remotely aware of potential issues with mods. They presume that once its there, done, complete and perfect but wait what is this, you cant run omg zdjlegfkjdghfkjldhflkdhflkdfh stupid Moders, stupid ass fix your crap. 

     So lets just rewind for a moment, here is an issue that for Xbox one has, why the hell did you click MAX gold stars and comment, best mod ever, when you have installed it ten minutes ago, have barely played it and have no real idea if the mod works or not. You go to the site, go on and see for yourself. Every single mod has full gold stars, oh so that now means you can not rely on the star rating at all. They all jumped in and unlike Pc mod users who have experience, they clicked great amazing on mods that are broken or simply do not work. Then an hour later the whining starts as they realize that mod they loved sooooo much well it is broke. 

     So this is what you do, what pc mod users do, what people who have used mods before do. You install one mod, not twenty, just one, you go in and you play with that mod, find out what issues it has and what works. You give feedback to the creator so that they can fix it, you give back detailed feedback in proper English so they understand. Writing, oi fix mod int letung m put thing one area coz want stuff but woont fix. Well that doesn't explain anything, screaming fix mod it broke and don,t work, well that also doesn't work for a creator to fix an issue. Instead help them out by explaining what is happening, understand that issues will arise due to the platform of the console. Then when you are entirely sure of how a mod functions, hit a realistic star point say four or five or one. This will help others as it will be a realistic star point system not some over eager waste of time.

     Now what you do if you have never used mods before, is realize an important thing, you have real Moders, those who know how to mod, they have on Pc and have done for a while, they understand and for the most part can fix things, I will even go as far as saying they are pro and experienced in mods. Then you have people who started using the creator system last week or a few weeks ago and they made a first mod, no real understanding but hey they want the world to see there name on Xbox. So they made a mod, they deleted or copied something into an area that um well was important and should not have been deleted or adds something that shouldn't be there say a piece of code. They make doors lock that prevent anyone tampering with things but forget that prevents settlers form sleeping in beds. Mistakes happen and until they have made them and figured out what to do, they are still amateurs.

     Now it is not  all bad, some new creators do a great job, they start off simple then go crazy big and it works out, while some just copy another creators work and upload as there own with a few changes and screw up what did work. It is the way of modding and in the Pc world mod users know this, for years mods have been up on Pc for all games, this is all new for most console users.

     So since release it is all a mess, the mods that are well thought out and created are having minor issues, but are being fixed, right now a mod I just used with a few glitches will be fixed probably by morning (Pro Moder and someone i have used mods from on pc before) and will have updates. The console platform works different to Pc and so no one knows exactly what could go wrong but hey they will be fixed. Others like another mod i used, well it is messed up bad and the Moder who is an amateur has already declared that it is all Bethesda's fault and they are deleting it due to people not liking it. Funny though it has full stars and the first comments are all I looooovely mod best mod ever followed by same people bitching about it being broken twenty minutes later after they actually played for a while. 

     So the amateurs will work things out hopefully and that is the route to being a pro Moder, some will rise some will fall. Those who get offended by me calling them amateurs well they wont go far at all, pro Moders would not have had any issue with being called an amateur while they still were, its not like newbie or something aimed at putting people down, it is realistic.

     Now non of this has anything to do with Ppc master race issues, I used mod son pc for many years, but i am a PS4 man. Wife has Xbox and so does kid, so i am able to pre-play mods and test them out.

     My theory is that when they come available on PS4 next month some of these issues will be fixed, I am sure that for the good Moders who care and want to succeed, they will have fixed issues and sure there will be new ones due to different platform, but god I hope PS4 users do not do the same things Xbox  one users have. Hey if you are a PS4 user or know one, get them to read this, tell them what to expect, tell them not to click all stars and ruin the rating system without actually reviewing the mod. Use the mods, feedback and review to help fix issues, rate in a realistic way, do not get all crazy and freak out over an issue with a mod. 

     It took Pc mod community's years to calm down to a point where you can get realistic ratings and people understand issues with mods. Hopefully for consoles it will take less time, users who have no experience with mods just need to chill, think, use there brains a bit more and realize that hey these are not million dollar DLCs(which even those have issues) and the mods haven't been in Beta. You are the Beta, welcome to the world of using mods, complications, conflicts, issues, fixes, updates, more issues and lots more.

     The important thing is clear feedback and a positive vibe, help the creators out by being adult in communicating, have a little knowledge and explain the issue in a way they can understand and maybe do something about.

     For now though it is all a mess for the most part as people scramble to play the mods and expect way too much.

     This is why I am refraining from reviewing mods, I will review a ton of them, video, blog the works. But not until I am sure that a mod is ready, there would be no point in reviewing a mod that if unfinished and i do not think it would be fair to review a mod that is having issues that the creator is attempting to fix.  So this being said, if a creator is sure that the mod is complete, issues fixed and it is ready to be reviewed, well I will do that for sure. That way the mod can actually be reviewed and rated as completed, sure it may have changes and updates later on but for the most part I will be telling and showing what can be expected from a mod, not showing off some glitched broken mod that may or may not be fixed at some random point.

     There are some real good mods out there, unfortunately some from Pc will probably never make it to console, while some have, and I am looking forward to actually using my own console PS4 and installing and reviewing a ton of them. 

     If you have a mod up on that you believe is ready and worth a review drop a comment, Ii will check it out and add it to my list (well at moment its all blank for ps4 but if intend to make it available to ps4 comment). 

     If you would like me to do a written review of one of your mods on Xbox then I am sure i can convince my wife to download it and we will play around and i will do it that way (my stream is setup on PS4 for recording video, she doesn't record video).

     So for all those new mod users out there no matter what platform, come on, chill out, breath and stay realistic, for all you Moders amateur and pro alike, keep at it, learn, make mistakes, keep up the good work and everyone enjoy gaming and what the ability to have mods on consoles means.

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