Some Mods Not Yet Available For Consoles and Some Reasons Why (Plus Random Rambling)

Mods are available for Xbox one and soon to be available for PS4, we know this, and there are some really good mods available for console users. 

However many of the mods that are available for the PC are not being released on console for a few different reasons. The first reason is a stupid one, The PC Master Race, this is the name given to many PC users. The reason why they have been given this name is due to the whole PC verses Console issues, rather many PC users think that because they invested in building expensive PCs to play games, and because they play around with codes and make mods, they are better than console users. This is an actual thing, there are PC users who hate console users, you have the Xbox verses PS, who is better or rather what system is better disagreements but you also have the PC is far better than any console issues and disagreements.

Now to clarify a little, here is a true life example, one PC user, spent thousands building a custom PC, he has a set up that is actually really good and cost an arm and a leg to make. He creates mods for the PC community that are good, I am not going to say they are the best mods out there as I have used them on PC and personally think that there are many better mods. But hey he spends his time creating them and has invested real money into them via making an over the top PC for bragging rights, he does however make money from his PC ventures via advertising and also donations so really in a way it his a part time job. But he honestly believes that he is superior to any console user. This particular PC user actually hates console users, YouTube bitching about them and has an open hate for anyone who users an Xbox or PS. He is a prime example of why people refer to such a person as part of the PC master race. It is not a compliment, it is in fact meant to be derogatory, basically calling people like him a dick who thinks he is better than anyone else. 

Now people like him, refuse to release and upload mods to for console users to use, because console users do not deserve to use them, they are not worthy to use them. Because console users in his mind are lower life forms they should not be able to use the mods and have no right to a better gaming experience by using mods.

That is why some mods are not and will not be made available for console users, well for now anyway, because reality is, sooner or later someone will make the same mod, not steal but actually make the same mod and upload it.

This brings us to another reason why some mods are not yet available for consoles, the thieves and clones.

Many of the mod creators, the ones who make great mods for PC, are currently refusing to upload, they call it being on strike, and not uploading the created mods, most of which are already available and would not take too much work to make console compatible. Why? well because of the theft issues, this is where there mods that are available on sites like Nexus are being downloaded by PC users and then uploaded to Let me just clarify that part, you need to own the game and DLCs if a mod needs them to download the mod on to a computer and use the creator kit on the computer to be able to upload it to So it is actually PC users who for the most part also have Console that are stealing mods, everyone seems to be blaming theft on Console users who for the most part do not even own Computers and have no idea how mod theft works.

Now theft of a mod is wrong in my opinion, sure someone can make from scratch a mod that is very similar to another and may even be better, but to just download and re-upload someones mod and to claim it is there own is wrong. There are situations where elements or even entire mods are uploaded using parts or entire mods created by others, but with permissions and also with information that clearly states the content is created by another person. In this case it is not stealing but more of a joint thing where the original mod creator is aware and happy for it to be done. It does happen for what ever reason, it could be a collaboration of creators or even a creator would rather let someone else deal with the comments and hassles that come with users of the mod. For whatever reasons that is ok as it is done with permission and causes no issues regarding theft.

An example of theft is this, yesterday, while browsing the Xbox mods, waiting for PS mods and seeing what is being made available (I get the Xbox users in the house to test them for me so I know what to look out for when I get them on PS). One appeared on called CBBE something, for many of us who use PC mods it was clear that this was stolen, the original creator Caliente who is the original creator of this mod and an amazing mod creator did not upload it. Instead someone had decided that they wanted CBBE on the console, they were actually trying to be sneaky, CBBE is an adult mod that changes the size of things such a breast size of Npc and player and also contains nude versions. Since this is not allowed and Caliente has not yet released a console compatible non nude version that is allowed on, the user had decided to try and get it anyway. So they downloaded the mod on there computer and re-uploaded it without pictures or a description to Not only was this violating Bethesda's terms or content allowed but also a very sneaky attempt at theft of Caliente work.  

Now props to users, as quickly it was indicated and highlighted that the mod had been stolen, Elianora (another real good mod creator) even made an appearance as TheRealElianora within the comments, it was reported for theft and violating the terms, and it was removed, all quickly done. Hopefully encouraging the creator to upload her own content as the community starts to become more aware of these situations and act on them.

Now Caliente I think is one of the many what I call pro mod creators, and I believe though I could be wrong that she is also a creator who is refusing to upload content yet because of the theft issues. Now even though I understand where they are coming from, I do think that they are actually making things worse.

Let me explain, I know that Caliente (I am using that name as an example because it is one stuck in my head for years) produces some amazing mods, for games like Skyrim and Fallout, they are by far the best creations out there. They are mods that as soon as you see her name, well for me at least, I say oh yes she is good and know her mod whatever it is will be great, so on sites like nexus where her name appears it is easy to see that she is a Pro creator. This enables me to look at another mod that is similar or the same and say, woah, hold up, that is not real, that is not Caliente's work, that is stolen. As soon as I saw CBBE on with some other name, it was hell no, he stole that.

But here is the issue, how do you know? how does anyone who has no idea who Elianora or Caliente are know that it is her creation, her time, her idea and her mod, they do not, they have no idea, they do not know who she is and have never seen her mods or name on

Here is where I think that the theft issues would be eliminated more, there will always be theft present in some form, but a simple way to prevent the mass theft is real easy. Instead of the good mod creators not uploading, staying on strike, preventing access to the mods they created, they should flood with there mods. Add them all, get there names recognized like they are on sites like Nexus, make people aware of who they are. If there were a ton of great working mods with the name Caliente (sorry for using name so much but it is a household name, well at least in my household) then console users would begin to know who she is and become even more aware what mods have been created by her and easily recognize ones that are stolen from her.

Now I should point out that I have my own titling system, I allocate the Pro creator title to mod creators who I believe are professional, no this does not mean that just because someone payed a ton to build a PC and makes some decent mods they are in my mind Pro. Some are just Mod makers who are dicks, and being a dick takes away the Pro title. A pro mod creator in my mind, is someone who creates mods and content that is well supported, has fixed issues and communicates with users regardless of the platform they use the mod on. They are professional in all that they do and just like any professional in any field act like they are professional. For many it is a type of job, even if they say it is a hobby, many are paid in some form via donations or advertising, and a true Pro creator would want as many people as possible on any and all platforms to use the mods that they have created, to get that recognition they deserve.

The mod creator who blasts out "I dont care what you Consol plebs want you are lucky I am even letting you use my mods and I dont care what you say I wont change anything" well that is not a Pro, what that is, is a self entitled dick who thinks he is better than anyone else when reality he is not. A pro creator would have replied more like "Thank you for using my mod and for your feedback regarding some of the issues that you have found, I will try as soon as I am able to, to fix and resolve some of these issue, however I will not change much of the content as I believe it to be complete" or something more tactful and Professional.

Now one thing that all users need to remember, and something that at times is annoying to read, is that first remember that for the most part, these creators are doing this in there own time, instead of playing a game, they are for the most part doing it for free apart from those who get some form of cash via donations or advertising, and they have lives outside of creating mods for users. 

If there is an issue, for example one mod I used in the past had floating items that needed to be removed, be specific in feedback, do not say "hey fix mod it is crap stuff floats deal with it" instead say, "Hello and thank you for creating this mod and the work that you have put into it, I have noticed that besides (give location) there are some floating pieces of rubble and a hole that you fall throug, could you possibly, when get the time fix this, thank you and have a nice day". More than likely the issue will be fixed reletively quickly as it may have just been an oversight and an easy fix.

Before blasting in the comments section, "make a backpack, make this, make that" think about this, many mod creators have a list of thing that they want to make, sure some like getting ideas from people, but why just because they made a house mod that is great would it be ok for users to beg or even demand that they made a mutant monkey candy bar (not actually a request but an example), why would they want to work on something that is not in there area of mod creations. Sure some do take requests but that doesn't mean they will produce it and if they do then that is a bonus, if they do not then oh well. 

Communicating is something that more established sits like Nexus do between users and creators, real communicating, sure there are always the negative and at times real stupid communications posted, "Hey fix it broke, stupid mod, now don work, pancakes like monekys nd spicy tango cupcake" yup those comments that you attempt to read and think wtf is this person on about. The haters "You stupid person ur mod broks game" the ones who because they didn't put it in right place or even read description have issues and no idea how to fix it. "How use mod, can fiund object, broke, no good" Those who even though you explain a million times where something is, and show using diagrams, still cant figure out that it is the box that was not there before in a very obvious place. Then you have my favorite types of communications, "Make naked, me want boob, open boob, sexy" Those who post on mods that have nothing to do with textures, Npc, characters or anything relating to the people in game, that are so desperate for nudity that they post things like that on mods dealing with buildings and weapons. Yup, there are some seriously stupid people in the world and most of them have access to the internet.

I have my own comment criteria, I will post one time, feedback, detailed as much as possible if I belive that it is needed, If after reading comments I see that many have said same thing and the creator is aware I do ot even bother. If after I post and few days later no reply or get a reply saying basicly I do not care I do not comment again, I gave feedback at that time so why waste time spamming a comments section.

I do not get involved in ongoing arguments and mine is bigger than yours in a comments section, I ignore that person and simply do not reply, even when I feel pissed off, why stoke it even more it is the internet and no one really cares.

I do not swear, I do here but in an open comment section, why would I, sure I am pissed, sure I want to slap the person at times, but the best way to annoy someone is to be nice and polite.

I say things like "Hello, thank you for creating a good mod and keep up the good work" it is polite and people like encouragement, plus it only took me a few seconds of my time and if it deserves it then why not say it.

If a mod is bad, or I think complete trash, I do not even comment, many have done so, I just delete the mod and move on, I will, if no one has done so, comment that it has issues or things that break a game if I feel it necessary.

If someone, say a creator is being a dick and thinks he is a god among peasants, I do not even bother adding a mod even if it is a good one, there have been exceptions but reality is these people usually end up in a pissing contest and get upset and delete or screw up a mod intentionally later on. Instead I laugh at what they write, shake my head and think god he is a dick and move on.

The basic idea is simple, be positive with what you write when commenting, give details when needed, read other posts first and the details given with a mod, if need be go to the site such as nexus where mod comes from and read some more and if you think it is good let the creator know, say thank you, say please, be polite and if necessary actually have a decent conversation using real words and sentences.

Now, sure I have gone off track from the whole stolen mod and mods not being uploaded stuff that I began with, but I think that this all comes together and will help get the better mods and the Pro creators to release the great mods for use on Consoles.

Once they realize that not all Console users are Plebs and Amateurs who just want to steal content, do not appreciate what they do or even care that they do what they do for the most part free. They may think, hmmm, actually I am going to upload to and give console users access to my already great mod, hey they may even decide to make more mods that will turn out great.

On a side note and just in case anyone is reading this, I would love an actual cleaned up sanctuary, one that does not have floating items, a decent wall fix, the brick bridge, no hedges and doesn't reset randomly to original and one that when you give feedback is fixed and supported rather than "eh its done I don,t care not doing anything more. moved on to better things". I would make it myself but alas since computer took a dive a while back and having bills to pay I am unable to, otherwise I would have already for the Xbox users in the house and myself when PS is released. But if no one does, it is ok, as I am sure one day someone will make one I like, (maybe even me if I can persuade and come up with a good and justifiable reason to invest in another PC).

So anyway, back to browsing and getting the Xbox users to download and test mods for me as I wait for PS versions to become available.

Oh wait on another side note, calm down PS users, I am jealous as hell that Xbox users have mods just like you, but think about it this way, things should be better, many issues already resolved for us, we are lucky that PS is even letting us have mod as originally it wasn't going to happen. Shhh it is ok it will come soon, I just hope that when it does come, mod creators such as the talented, amazing, (presume beautiful with great clothing style and sense) and awesome Elianora will make some of her mods available for us to use and enjoy (yes that is me sucking up to one creator that I think makes some bad ass mods deal with it).  Oh and also the rest of you talented and wonderful creators out there who over the years have made my gaming life on PC even better and more interesting and your mods I hope to see available on consoles. 

Keep up the good work, keep on creating those wonderful creations and everyone have fun Gaming and using the mods.

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Thank you for reading this Random post and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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