A Random Update

Random Update

       So, I figured I would write a little Random update, why? well simply because I have been a tad busy the past few weeks and even though I have plenty of things to post and so many projects I need to upload, life has kept me busy these past few weeks.

       Oh life has been so full of Randomness and amazing things, well not really, Randomness for sure, but basically life has just been, well life.

       The weather has been hot as hell most days, on the hottest day so far the AC broke, so yeah that was joyous and an amazing day, well the part that I was home was. Work has decent AC, so it was cool and seeing as I have been working a lot it was ok.

       The whole work thing has been going ok, things have started getting good for me and with the company making changes I expect good things to be happening in the coming months and have some good things coming in the next year or so. So looking forward to all of that as and when it all happens.

       Home life has also been good, which is always a good thing, sure there are things that I would like to change such as where I live and things we are not able t do. But hopefully these things will also change for the better in the next year.

       Yea, yea, I know, cryptic and not many details, but I figure why jinx things that are happening or could be happening. I will wait until they have happened and then elaborate on the details in a less cryptic way.

       I have not had much time due to working varied hours and life commitments to undertake many projects, or to upload things that I have. I haven't even been playing games and streaming, something always comes up or I am simply sleeping.

       Pokemon go came out, no I do not play, but it seems a huge thing going on, personally it does not appeal to me. Some of it I think is stupid as hell, grown adults fighting as in actually fighting each other over it. Some people including some I work with doing things like searching for them while they are supposed to be working. Those are the ones who get passed over for promotions, after all does a company really want anyone in a leadership role who instead f doing there job is busy searching for some crap on a game. Like I said for the most part I think it is stupid, one of those everyone jumps on the wagon and all the followers like sheep get in on it, oooo, My pokey is more powerful than yours, its up there with the need to get all achievements on a game so you can brag about it. Hey get the achievement of working a full day doing the job you are being paid for without me needing to pick up what you left and doing your job for you and I will be more impressed with that achievement.

       A grown adult coming to work and then spending most of there time on the cell looking for pokeys or hatching eggs, well that is rather sad. Unfortunately for them, they do not realize, when you come in the office to excitedly explain oh how you caught a pokey or hatched an egg, as soon as you leave we look at one and other, shake our heads and make comments such as, yea lets not schedule that person for extra hours. But that is ok for them, right, they can get time to nurture there newly hatched baby, on there own time.

       Now on the whole I think it is all kinda sad and pathetic how far it has all gone and all the so called adults crazing over it. With some exceptions, one of my friends does it, the main reason is for the walking part, apparently you walk to hatch eggs, seeing as he wants to lose weight it has given him something to do that helps in a small way loose weight and he is not pokey crazy.

       Another example is one of my work colleges has a grown as in adult son that lives with her, he apparently never wants to go anywhere or do anything, one of those sits in room all day (lets not get into hey get a job thing) but pokey go has become his craze. So now he jumps in the car and goes places with them even if it is just to a local park, Sure he wants to hunt those elusive pokeys but at least like she said they are spending time together and it gets him out the house.

       Also elections are on, yup no need to go into detail as we all know due to social media and the news, the battle posts, the conspiracy, the well the everything all the time posted everywhere you go. Me, well  I have no real opinion, I do not concern myself with politics, America is my country and flag but as of yet I am unable to vote, seeing as I am still a British citizen. That will be changing very soon, but until it does I do not dable into the political arguments and debates.

       My truck burst a break line after changing the rotas on the breaks (the only thing to fail inspection) and now I need to get it towed to a friend so they can fix it. So I am currently driving a run down mini van and miss the truck. One day I intend to get a better truck and I hope that will be soon, one with less issues and also less mileage.

       One of my co workers made cupcakes a few days ago, two variety's, god they were awesome and I ate a load of them. Every time she makes them she ensures there are enough for everyone and me, yes I love them all (the cupcakes that is) and she finds it amusing at how I devour, no wait I consume, well devour is probably more accurate as each one is either one mouthful or pushing two. I cant help it I have a problem, they just taste so good.

       I have come to realize, even more than I had already, that in this world there are a ton of people who should never be allowed to use tools let alone power tools and should probably stay away from anything they need to or rather think they should do themselves. Instead they need to save the money spent on tools they have no idea how to use and hire a pro. Or at the very least google how to do things and maybe read instructions, no it is not a good idea to want to use small sticks of dynamite to make holes for fence posts and no where I work we do not sell it and well it probably is not a good idea for them to go around asking where you can buy dynamite. I refer them to the local sheriff as I assure he will have a good answer for them.


       Oh and on that topic, the whole, the customer is always right, no you are not, get over it, build a bridge, move on, you are wrong most of the time and reality is, the people like me, probably save you time, money along with personal risk or injury prevention.

       So the world is still spinning, people live, people die, some days are hard and some are easy, there are ups and then there are downs. But on the whole life seems balanced with some potential to get better.

       Yes, it has been a random post, with no real structure or content and well random, now I am going to finish here, annoy the dog that is all asleep and cuddly nest to me, once I have done that I will be off to bed.

My dog is weird.

Thank you for reading this Random post and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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