No Mods for PS4

      Yup, No Mods For PlayStation

 So for a while now, ever since Fallout 4 was released, the option to use mods on the PlayStation console has been delayed. Mods via have been available for Xbox one all this time and many have wondered when they would finally arrive for PlayStation, there has been rumors and speculation that mods would not come to play station and also barely any real updates or information from Bethesda or Sony as to what exactly is going on.

no mods
Yup, No Mods
       The limited information that has been given to the public is all about how Sony is having difficulty's in converting mods, as in getting them to actually work on the PlayStation 4, memory size issue along with issues due to the PlayStation being a totally different machine and operating entirely different to the more like a PC system that is an Xbox.

     For the most part it has all been rather vague and secretive, Bethesda has not been able to actually confirm or make any public comments due to what it has seemed to be a lack of information from Sony. For the past few months it has been said that Sony has been working hard to try and come up with a solution and make it possible for mods to be used on there console the same way that Xbox users have access to the many mods available on

     Now comes the news, official not a rumor or a speculation that mods will not be coming to PlayStation via Here is the link to the announcement on the official Bethesda news
No mods for Playstation and below is what it says.

After months of discussion with Sony, we regret to say that while we have long been ready to offer mod support on PlayStation 4, Sony has informed us they will not approve user mods the way they should work: where users can do anything they want for either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition.
Like you, we are disappointed by Sony’s decision given the considerable time and effort we have put into this project, and the amount of time our fans have waited for mod support to arrive. We consider this an important initiative and we hope to find other ways user mods can be available for our PlayStation audience. However, until Sony will allow us to offer proper mod support for PS4, that content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim on PlayStation 4 will not be available.
We will provide an update if and when this situation changes.

     A short post that does not go into the technical details about why they are not allowing mods, however it hints that Sony does not want mods that are created by users that are basically anything a user wants to make, now there are restrictions on console mods unlike those ofr PC already. No nudity or sexual content and nothing too explicit or graphic in nature. But for the most part if a user wants to create say a giant chicken that is purple and poops out Nuka bombs, then hey that is ok, go for it, make a mod to make your game play the way you want it. This from what the first part says seems to be something Sony no longer wants to happen.

       Personally I think it is far simpler than Sony just wanting to restrict what types of mods can be used or produced for use on there console, I think it is a matter of hey they tried to find a way to make it all work but they cant.

     Over the months, I have had several conversations about how the systems are so different, I have even decided that the PlayStation will be just a gaming console for no mod games and the Xbox will be for games that can be modded. Here is what I think about the whole PlayStation verse Xbox mod issue, I look at the Xbox as being similar to a PC, Windows operating system, a system that from the start has the potential to change and adapt and support things like mods. Whereas the PlayStation is like a Mac, set up in a way that making changes and handling things like mods is far more complicated.

       Ever since the announcement that mods were coming to console, I for one was thinking of the issues that could happen, imagine you wanted to take an application that is used on Android and convert it to Iphone, there would be issues, for the most part the language that the application is written in, is totally different so would need to be translated so the new system would run it. Also even after making it available it would have some issues that would need to be fixed. For the most part it would be easier to take the idea and then re-write it completely just for that operating system. This is something that would cost a ton of money to do for something like making mods work for Fallout on both Xbox and PlayStation.

      Let me explain just a little more, on Xbox, mods are available, for the most part they are created rather simply using the creator software, tested and uploaded to be used by Xbox users. Then they go through a whole process of needing fixes and more modifications. I have used so many mods on Xbox that have had issues that needed fixing to make them run and some that are game breaking or simply do not work. Some mods simply can not run on a console like they do on a PC, many of the mods I used on the PC would need fixes that can not be done on a console because there is no way to access those files and codes via the interface to change and make them work properly. Imagine that you have a code on a piece of paper that is folded closed, on a PC you can open it and re-write and save and close and done (not that simple but just a basic idea). There is no way to attempt that on a console and even in some cases where that has been done on a PC before uploading to console, the system may change the code or simply not understand it so a mod does not work the way that it should.

       Now on Xbox like I said there are many mods, some work perfectly, well that is until you add more mods and then things break or need fixing and there are always issues. Even though the way mods work on the Xbox is closer to the way they work on a PC due to the system itself being based more on a PC there are tons f factors that cause issues. I have a load order that works great, the mods I use on Xbox are all good mods and for the most part, the game runs great. However there are crashes, glitches, freezing and random issues that appear especially after updates or added official DLC content. Even after everything is fixed and working together there will always be issues within a moded game on console.

       Then there is PlayStation, an entirely different system to the Xbox, those mods that worked great on Xbox would need to be fixed and tweaked to work on a new operating system, one that has limits, one that is not set up to handle mods or anything that would change the way that a code works that is not originally made for that system to run.

       I said form the start that even if Sony managed to find a way to get mods on the system, more than likely there would be more issues with mods not working and so much more hassle trying to get any that were compatible to run properly than I personally would deal with. After all the idea of a game console is to make gaming quick and fun, otherwise if I was to have to spend half my gaming time playing around trying to get things to work I would just go play the game on the PC and play around fixing the issues. At least then they would actually be fixed, I would have more mod options and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

       So for me it has come as no real big surprise that mods are not going to come for PlayStation, I was hoping they would but never expected them to be available like they are for Xbox just as I never expected mods for Xbox to be like they are for PC.

       I think that the only way that mods can truly work the way they should for PlayStation and also for Xbox would be to bring out new systems that have been designed and set up to allow mods to work effectively, so basically plug in to TV PC Console Hybrids.

       This would cost a great deal to produce and also would need for all console users to purchase yet another machine, maybe the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Twos will be designed this way, after all it is every few years that we find ourselves upgrading to the new console machine. But by that time I think the consoles we know will become more like steam machines which are basically PC plugged into TV just packed into a smaller console looking box.

       Now there are already people who are screaming hate for Sony and whining about how Sony users get screwed and how unfair it is, but here is a reality check. If you are that upset and concerned about it, trade in your PlayStation and use the cash to get an Xbox. Gamestop do some great store trade ins for the PlayStation 4 and you could get a refurbished Xbox one using that cash. Sure if you wanted Fallout to mod you would need to re-buy it, however you can get it pre-owned for cheap, the season pass well that will probably go down soon as Sony realizes they need to sell more as people leave and will reduce the cost.

       If both Xbox and PlayStation are causing you issues and you are not happy, trade it in and use that cash to buy a PC, more expensive but in the long run probably better of for some people, plus the added bonus that you do not just have to play games on a PC, you can actually use it for other things.

       Otherwise simply realize that if you own just an Xbox one you will have mods and games that can be modded that will always have issues although will make your gaming experience more fun and some games last longer before you move on and get bored. For PlayStation users you get to play games the way they were released but no real possibility to actually modify them and may even have in the future a very restricted Sony approved selection of mods that I wouldn't be surprised if you would have to pay for like DLC content.

       It is a piece of news that many will take in anger, many will post on Facebook and be upset about, the rivalry between those who own just a PlayStation and those who own Xbox will grow, the divide will get worse, and many will convert to the console they want to use.

       Reality is however, there are options, solutions and after all it is just gaming, if it makes you angry or upset then maybe you should think about making some changes because reality is, if your life revolves around you gaming you may need to consider that there is so much more to life.

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There is more to life.

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