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This is the Disclosure Policy page for Nph-Random.blogspot.com

So here it is, another serious piece of information, that by law must be applied to this blog for your viewing pleasure.

     Beginning December 1st, 2009 (A long time ago), the FTC requires bloggers such as me, to Disclose whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.

     Bellow, is a link to the FTC Guide and website, just in case you wish to pay them a visit and check it all out.

     Here at NphRandom we like to be open and transparent about things and feel that information and the requirement to have it present for you to view is ok, we are good with it. After all it is important that you the viewer understand how bloggers such as myself could possibly be bribed, manipulated or have our opinions swayed via freebies, hard cash and possibly candy.

     If after reading the Disclosure Policy, you require any more information or have questions about our Disclosure Policy, please feel free to contact us by email at NphRandom@gmail.com (Please do not send us spam as you will be locked and reported to Google, also anything contained within the email becomes property of NphRandom the moment it is received and it can be used any way we like).

(Big letter sand red to make it all official)

     So this blog is not a primary source of income and will probably never be any real means of income. However to keep within FTC rules, there are some things you should be aware of and presumptions you should make as a visitor to my Randomness.

     If I upload a picture in which I am wearing clothes, with logos on that I have been given for free, I need to disclose that. Because, hey I may be advertising for that company, and may be trying to get you to buy there products.

     If I post a link to an affiliate, say for example Amazon and it ic clicked and somehow earns me penny's, I need to disclose that I have made riches by doing this.

     If I for some reason have dinner with someone who I am writing about or for, and they then decide to pay, then I need to Disclose that, after all them paying for my food may influence the way I write about them or whatever it is Ii am writing about.

     So basically, Disclaimers, Disclaimers and more Disclaimers, here, there and everywhere. This would all become rather crazy for me to do, especially as for the most part there would be no real reason for a Disclosure but I would be trying to cover my ass. Unless someone out there wants to send me nice fancy clothes, lots of money and candy, I will happily Disclose all that for sure.

     But anyway back to details, so to cover NphRandom ( Me ), please assume that for every link that I post, product I use and mention, and well everything I do online the following apply:

* I am paid or given gifts to like things.
* Everything I wear, eat, use and own, was given to me for free.
*Everything I post earns me cash or gifts, even when it is my own content.
* Everything earns me mega money, the big bucks.
* Every link I post, even those directing you to pages on my own blog earn me money or gifts.
* The advertising on the site and posts all earn me tons of money.
* Whenever I tweet or post a social update I receive cash and/or Gifts.

     Basically, just presume that everything earns me money or gifts and I am easily swayed in my opinion of things when presented with Gratuity and Candy.

     However, if you give me free products, like clothes, tech, food, mmm candy or anything, I will review them. However I will not guarantee a positive review or endorsement just because you gave me something. If it is crap I will say it is just in better words, however if it is amazing I will also say that. But it will all be ok , because I will Disclose it if I feel necessary by saying something like "So this company gave me a crate of candy" bla bla bla you get the idea.

     So, now that is that and I hope that all that is cleared up for you and you understand everything clearly.

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Go ahead and presume that this tag makes me money somehow.

Thank you for reading this Information and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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