Getting Started

This is the Getting Started page for NphRandom, a place to start off among all this Randomness.

     Hello, I am going to presume that this is the first time that you have visited NphRandom, so welcome to my Random world.

     As with any blog on a place like this, many things have been added and posts become archived or hidden in the long list of posts. 

     So where do you start, what do you view first, well hopefully you have clicked this tab and are reading this, that is a start at least.

     Now you could just dive straight into the Randomness and Randomly click things that catch your eye. But if you would rather find out more and maybe are considering subscribing and following me in this journey then here are some links to things I think you should check out first.

     Now the first page that I would suggest you go check out, and one that once you have you will probably never need to read again (unless you really want to) is the Terms of service page, located at the bottom of every page you view. This page is one that had detailed information, the legal stuff that you should be aware of. I have however apparently made it a little more amusing than the standard Terms of Use pages you find on the internet. I know, I know, its not fun and exciting to read legal information, but it is necessary for me to make you aware of pages such as these, to protect you and myself and ensure that you understand everything that Ii am required to do. I am including the link below, which will open in a new window for you.

Now you can skip the next three suggestions, that is entirely up to you, however I would recommend that you at least open them and take a peek at the the information, you may find it interesting and also amusing.

Then, I would suggest that you go to the Disclosure Policy page, this is also at the bottom of every page and I have included an open in new window link below. I actualy enjoyed writing this page and think it is amusing, yet legally required. It is one that you should definitely go look at so that you understand a few things about Disclosure.

     After those two pages, I would suggest that you pay a visit to the Privacy Policy, and again it is always at the bottom of every page and has a link below that opens in a new window. Thi sone is all about you and protecting your privacy, explains stuff that you should be aware of and I have tried to make it more interesting than the normal ones, but it is legal as in required by law.

     Another Policy that I think you should view is the Comments policy, clickable link below and opens in new window and can be found at the bottom of every page. This details what can be posted as comments and I recommend that you view it to ensure you understand and also make you aware of what can be posted to prevent any problems or issues with posting or others replying to any comments you make here at NphRandom.

     Now if you have viewed them, like I said, you will probably not need to view them again, unless you want to see if anything has changed (although not required, I will post if changes to these are made so you the viewer are aware of any changes being made to these policy's and information).

     Then, after reading those pages of information, I would head over to the first tab called About NphRandom, this is the page that hopefully will explain to you what NphRandom is and what it is all about (You may want to get some snacks and a drink and settle in comfortable as I tend to ramble). I have provided a link below to this page that will open in a new window, or you can simply click on the tab at the top to go there whenever you wish.

     Then the next thing I would do is to head on over to the next tab (again I am providing a link below that opens in a new window) called About Nph. This page is all about Me, seeing as I am Nph (The Author) and again it may be a little lengthy because I am Random and I tend to ramble on.

     The next suggestion I would make is to read the My Story page, this will give you even more information on me Nph, The Author and is a page that I intend to update now and then with more information as life goes on, and yes you could just click the top tab, but again I am including a direct open in own window link below.

     By now, if you have read all the above you should have a good idea about Nph and NphRandom, you will have absorbed a great deal of info, thank you if you have read them all, you have survived this far. 

     Now, I would suggest that you begin to view the actual posts and there are a few ways that you can do this, obviously, you can just go through the main page to the bottom and click more and do it that way (though that way will take a while). You can also utilize the Tags or otherwise known as Labels tab box on the right of the main page. I try not to use a million Tags like some do, for example if you click Random Tag, more than likely every post will be labeled Random as they all are rather Random, whereas if you click say Gaming it will only show hose posts relating to gaming. You get the idea I am sure. However there is another option and one that is far easier to use, this is the site map, it is located at the bottom of every page and I have included yet again a direct open in new window link below. This will show every post, it will show them in Tag sections but with added features such as the red NEW that indicates new posts and also have the amazing eye catching titles that I come up with.

     Now, another thing that I would like to mention and one that I suggest you utilize if you intend or would like to follow the Randomness, is the Subscribe features within the blog. There are a few options for you present on this blog, first at the top left of the page or on my little profile box, top right is the G+ button, this will add you to my circle and me to yours and is present on every page (everything here is updated there). Then you have subscription options in a box on the right and also present on every page, you can choose different subscription options based on what works for you. 

     After all of these things are viewed you will basically be an NphRandom master, but wait there is more (There always is with Nph), once you have viewed it all, done it all and are just waiting eagerly with anticipation for more amazing content (I just laughed loud or lol) you can stalk me, yup go ahead I don,t mind at all. You will find in the box on the right, links to other sires like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instructables (there will probably be more added at some point). If you like what NphRandom is and also what Nph me is, then go to those, most will have this content but also other things of Randomness that you cant find here. If you really want you could become an Nph Super groupy, subscribe, comment, view, follow and love all of it. Go crazy and stalk the crap out of NphRandom and Me, though I do ask that you try very hard to not be a bunny boiler, though I do like stewed rabbit.

     Wow you are still here and made it all the way to the bottom, yup you are special for sure, most would have stopped and closed it way up there, but you, you are different. Maybe you are a little Random too? or maybe you are reading thinking, oh my gd this guy just wont shut up. Either way that is it all done for now anyway, now go ahead read, view, subscribe, follow, stalk and feel free to comment and be active. You cam contact me using the contact box at the bottom of the page if you have any questions, suggestions or anything else. BUT be warned, do not spam as you will be reported and blocked and remember, anything you send to my email becomes my property, to do whatever I want with, whenever I want, but hey it is not like I will own your soul or anything.

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I like pickles.

Thank you for reading this Information and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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