About NphRandom

This is the About page for NphRandom, not Nph (Me) but the combined Randomness in a Random world that is NphRandom.

There is a reason why it is called NphRandom, other than I am Nph and this is all rather Random.

     Now to best explain you need to bare with me for a moment, you see, many people choose one thing, Photography for example, they set up a blog and boom its all based on Photography, pictures, reviews, information and a ton of stuff that all relates to one topic, Photography.

     Now, me I am a little different as I am Random, I actually have files and things under the following names, NphPhotography, NphCatering, NphProjects, NphGardening, NphGaming, NphBusiness, NphWritten Works and NphServices. Now as you can see those are eight different categories and there would be more if I was to continue to split up my Randomness in to further sections.

     Sure I could go ahead and spend a ton of time making seven different blog sites and name them all like those. I could decide that when I upload a post, to only upload it to the specific blog, say a post about Fallout 4 a game I like to play, that would go to NphGaming and so on. 

Fact Random

     I think however it would end up with slow blogs, some would have a ton of info uploaded at times, while others would have none. Because I am Random, as in one day I will decide to make a propane smelter and upload the results, another day Ii will game and upload the content while I could also decide to cook something and post the recipe and pictures. There is no set way I do things, no schedule, no real plan as to what I will create next. 

     This has led me to create NphRandom, a place where I can upload it all, in any order and any topic I find myself doing.

     There are those who would say, well if you target one specific area you will get more viewers and followers and make money because people will know to come to you for say example cooking advice and tips. Sure that could be the case for some bloggers, however it doesn't seem my thing. 

     People, like you will come here out of curiosity, boredom, mistake or even because they like what they have seen that is out there. You will either like NphRandom, stay and come back or you will just go on your way and never return.

     I have considered splitting it all up to separate blogs, some people have many and maintain them, but that is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time. For some people that is fine, while if you notice for some it just becomes stale.

     I viewed a blogger yesterday and there blog had very little on it and had not been updated with anything new for over a year. Now you can hide dates so as to trick people into thinking that last post was recent. But reality is if they do return they will be disappointed that its the same and why would you follow a dead blog. This particular blogger has three blogs, two were updated a year ago and the other had a two sentence post as was the general theme of that blog containing a ton of advertising.

     It seems that the blogger gave up on the other two blogs and went down the road of, hey I know, I will copy and paste enough text to get me advertising, or post a stupid blog based off someone else about cake mistakes and spam sites like Facebook. You know the types, click bate and working the advertising for revenue types, they don't actually have anything to say but still make that money.

     So for now I have decided to stick with a combined Randomness that makes up NphRandom, maybe one day I will make different blogs and see how that goes. But there would be an issue that I know of and that is, if I was to post something on say NphCatering that I have already posted on NphRandom. I would actually be penalized by google in the search ratings, they do not like people having the same content. So I would need to delete content form here or use only new things on another blog.

But like I have said NphRandom is the way it is for now.

But wait, there is more, so stay with me and read some more.

     NphRrandom is not just this blog, nope it for sure isn't, in fact NphRrandom is a compilation of this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instructables, YouTube and a few other sites. All themed in the same way, all using the same logo and slogan and all containing Randomness.

     A few years back I had decided to make all these accounts and even had a flourishing blog, but the names were all different and it became a hassle to keep up with all the different things. So I decided to start fresh, well actually I wanted to in a way brand it all and unify them all in a coordinated theme and structure. My mistake was deleting the google account and wiping my original blog and YouTube and all of the years of content. Thankfully I have a ton saved but I did lose quite a bit, but it is done, no getting it all back and now I have started fresh.

     It will take time, this I know, for everything to be back to the way it at least was, however I feel that this time it will all be easier for me to manage and better for you the viewers. I know things now that I had no idea about before and reality is, before it was mostly aimed at wanting to make a few extra dollars from all this stuff. Now I am not concerned that I may make a few penny's here and there, so my reasoning is different and I am happy with that.

     So why Nph, you may ask, you know it is all Random, but where does the Nph come into play. It is simply my initials as in me, I am the Nph. I could have gone with an amazing name that will be remembered for millions of years like hmmm um CrazyFrogTurkey or something. But the Nph logo and theme actually started when I was young, like years and years ago. By theme I refer to teh colors black, white and red, if i had a flag or a banner it would be those colors. The house of Nph with the colors red, black and white.

     When I was eighteen, I thought it was cool, actually scratch that it was cool, to have business card with my name and number along with email to hand to people. Back then we didn't all have fancy cell phones and all that tech and people actually wrote that stuff down on a thing called paper.

     So I wanted a logo, I asked a friend to draw me up something one day while we were hanging out bored, and use Nph, my initials, that is when he came up with the logo below.

Tag random original nph
I like this.

     I have used this logo for most of my life, on stationary, business cards, stamped on random things and on webpages, posts and sites. I have recently added the Random part to the logo as I would add say Catering if I was to section it all off.

     I like it, it is me, my style and colors, it is great seeing it, well at least Ii think it is, some who get to see it every time that I post to Facebook may think, oh god hes posted something else but hey it could be worse, maybe a funny cat pic or some profile pic that makes you cringe.

     Now for some more information and ramblings, yup, if you have read this far then way to go, probably most of the viewers stopped way up there, you, you are special. You also if haven't already, should have got a drink and maybe some snacks, but anyway there is more.

     NphRandom (me being Random) is a place for as the slogan says Randomness in a Random world, I post whether I want and whenever I want. I review, Ii comment, I ramble, I pass on at times useful information or create things that some people, possibly, will find interesting or even amusing. There are so many things in this world it is hard to choose just a few, so I choose them all, just in no particular order or for a particular reason.

     If there is something in particular that you the viewer, the special one who is still reading this ramble, would like to see, read or have me write about, feel free to contact me and let me know, if you have something you would like reviewed or some form of testimonial done I am willing to do that. However, if it is just something you wold like to see or read I will probably do it at some point if it interests me, no promises. If it is a review or testimonial or even an interview, something that benefits you, say you are the CEO of a business that makes hmmm, candy, well sure I will review your product, send them to me and I will be honest abut my review. You can even pay me to interview or write about you, however gratuity and payments wont sway my writing, if its good i will say it is if it is crap then i will say it is in a nice way.

     So anyway, you should, if still reading and have made it this far, have some idea of what NphRandom is. But just in case you still are not clear, there is something you can do, you can comment, ask questions, interact, browse and stalk me and NphRandom all over the web. Find out everything, learn it all and become a master of NphRandom knowledge. You will basically become Random yourself so be warned it can be infectious.
Tag random nph
Wow You made it to the end, way to go you.

Thank you for reading this Information and I hope that you have a nice remainder to your day.

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